5 dangers of tight pant for men


There is a difference between fitted and tight pants. The latter does not only make you uncomfortable (always adjusting), they also pose some unhealthy risks which include but not limited to the following;

Bad odour

The groin and armpits are always quick to smell bad due to their locations which only allows them little ventilation.

Our body responds to heat by sweating and if not blown or washed away, the sweat mixes with dead skin and dirt to give off a foul smell.
Bordered by two thighs and buttocks, our (male) reproductive organ is almost deprived of enough fresh air to reduce the heat and sweat therefore, rendering it vulnerable to bad odour.

Tight pants do not only increase the groin temperature by trapping body heat from escaping, but they also go ahead to further reduce the inflow of fresh air to the groin area, therefore encouraging the accumulation of sweat mixed with the cloth and other materials to produce a very unpleasant smell.

Jock itch

If you get strong urges to scratch your genitals more often than normal, then you may be suffering from “jock itch.”

The fungus responsible for this infection thrives in a warm and moist skin environment (i.e. less ventilated) which is typical of the groin and made worse by tight clothing.

The location of our (male) sex organ naturally ensures its protection from impacts but it also reduces ventilation which is why “down there” is always warmer and often moist.

Tight wears, on the other hand, stick too close to the body, therefore trapping more heat and sweat which adds to the already warm and moist environment of the groin, making it more favourable for the growth of this itch-causing fungus.


Aside from the slight cuts in the genitalia from the excessive scratching of jock itch, some basic activities like walking, jogging, running, squatting, riding bikes or even crossing your legs, when done on tight pants have also been proven injurious to our (male) reproductive organ.

The reason is that tight pants, especially the ones with little or no elasticity, pack the legs closely together with barely any allowance for astride movement and this increases the rate and pressure at which the thighs rub against the scrotum.

A hard and prolonged or repetitive rubbing will induce wear and tear or bruising of the scrotal surface and not to mention, the possibility of even crushing the testes or their related components within the sac. Ouch!

Blood obstruction

There are some certain places on our body where particular blood vessels (especially Arteries) come closest to the skin surface. These places are called PRESSURE POINTS which can be found on crucial regions as shown in the picture below.

Wearing tight clothing may press too hard against these pressure points, thereby impairing the smooth flow of enough blood which carries oxygen and bio-materials to and fro the body.

If this blood restriction continues for too long, the deprived body cells or tissues may begin to die. Hence, causing several malfunctions and if the blood shortage is at the neck, there is an increased likelihood of stroke.

In fact, some cases of lymphedema and paralysis have been associated with the prolonged usage of tight clothing, especially for strenuous physical activities.


Ever wondered why the testes hang down in a sac outside the body, especially considering how safe they would have been inside?

The simple major reason is “Temperature.

The normal body temperature which is about 36.1°C to 37.2°C (i.e. 97°F to 99°F) is a little too hot for sperm production. In other words, they decided to hang out because inside was too hot for work.

This is the same reason why the scrotum (sac) extends downward during hot weather so as to put the testes farther from the increased body temperature and in cold weather, it shrinks, pulling back the testes closer to the body for warmth.

If you know, you know.

Now, my fellow gentlemen, when you wear tight pants, especially during hot weather, it not only restricts the scrotum from extending downwards in order to hold the testes far from the body heat but it also increases the heat of the already hot environment around the testes and that is like shooting yourself in the leg, or this time, in-between the legs, as that increased temperature will surely inhibit sperm production which could, over time, result to low sperm count or worse, infertility.


Our female counterparts are not totally exempted from this discuss.

Vagina yeast infection, bad vagina odour and dyspareunia are just a few of the feminine dangers of tight clothing, especially underwears.


Once again, there is a difference between tight clothes and fitted clothes.
Wearing the latter is always advisable, while the former is especially worse in hotter climes. If you must wear tights, DO NOT do so too often or for too long and once in a while, try “going commando” because as the saying goes;

Your pants won’t get too tight if you don’t wear any.

And how can you tell if that pant is or has become too tight for you? Click HERE

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