What you should know before getting ear piercings

When to get ear piercing?

Whether you want to pierce your ears now or later is all up to you. Some parents pierce their baby’s ears hours or days after the birth of the child. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the age of the child doesn’t matter, so long the setting and procedure are safe and sterile. Although, they think it’s best to pierce your child’s ear when he or she is old enough to handle the care involved afterwards. 

Who should I meet to do the piercing?

A professional should help you do the piercing. Some paediatricians can do piercings on children.

Before getting ear piercing, make sure you do your research very well. You can ask friends and families for good recommendations.

While looking for a good piercer, make sure you keep these in mind:

  • The piercer should have a neat studio with good lighting
  • You should also look for hypoallergenic jewellery
  • Make sure the piercer is licensed, wears disposable gloves.
  • Also, ask what equipment he or she uses and how they sterilize them. Stay clear of studios where the sterilization of equipment is done in a public bathroom.

What kind of jewellery should you wear

You should wear 14-karat gold or surgical-grade steel and titanium.

What are the places you can pierce in your ear

There are nearly 15 places you can make a hole on your ear:

  • A few spots in the middle
  • Inward along the part of the ear joined to your head
  • Upward along with the outer cartilage
  • Lobe

How long will it take for my ear to heal after piercing?

Your ear has different tissues in different places, so it depends on what part you pierce. It can take up to 6-8 for the earlobe to heal. For the cartilage on the side of your ear, it can take up to 4 months on even a year.

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