How Does Fitbit Calculate Resting Heart Rate?

how does fitbit calculate resting heart rate

Compared to other heart rate monitors, Fitbit remains the best due to how it calculates your resting heart rate. But how does Fitbit Calculate Resting Heart Rate? I’m going to explain.

Unlike other heart rate monitors that measure your heart rate when you wake up, Fitbit calculates your resting heart rate while you sleep. With that feature, it gets the most accurate measurement because that is the one time you make the least movement in a day.

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Coupled with that, it also measures your heart rate while you rest during the day which makes the measurement more accurate.

The device takes further measurements when there’s no movement then adds them to your idle moments while you sleep.

Most of the Fitbit trackers created today comes with the ability to track your sleep patterns. With that, it’s essential to have your tracker worn when it’s not charging.

Likewise, other features this one is one of the reasons why the company’s devices are so successful.

What does a normal heart rate look like on a Fitbit

The normal resting heart rate for adults using Fitbit adult is 50-90 beats per minute. As for active people, they often have a lower resting heart rate.

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As we all know, the resting heart rate of your body is the number of times your heart beats every minute you’ve got enough sleep. The metric has shown to be a useful indicator of your fitness level and overall cardiovascular health. As I said, the normal resting heart rate for adults using Fitbit adult is 50-90 beats per minute.


Now the question “How Does Fitbit Calculate Resting Heart Rate” isn’t a mystery anymore, I suggest you wear your Fitbit tracker while you’re asleep to get the most accurate measurement.

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